Monday to Friday
(5 days)

10:00 – 13:00
or 14:00 – 17:00
(3 hours/day)

From 3 to 10 students

From complete beginners (A1) to mastery (C1)

Intensive. Blended. Immersive.

The Intensive course is a one-week sprint that will allow you to, in a short-time period, acquire the desired knowledge of the Portuguese language. Develop your language skills, blending online educational materials and opportunities for interaction in real-life situations with traditional place-based classroom methods.

No language learning is complete without communicating and experiencing the country’s real life and culture. And that’s what you will have the opportunity to do at Nomad Language School.

Come and become a knowmad!

European Framework

A program designed according to the international standard Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Teaching Staff

Highly qualified native teachers. Your Portuguese coach that will guide you and support you throughout your learning journey.

Interactive classes

Dynamic, highly interactive classes, complemented by digital tools and audio and visual content foryou to  learn and practice at your own pace.

Experiential Learning

Learning by doing is key when it comes to language learning. We challenge you to accept our language missions based on real-life situations and gain confidence while practicing.

Creative Teaching Spaces

Our classrooms want to boost your learning and creativity. Either in co-living and co-working spaces, we want you to take the most of your learning experience.


At Nomad Language School, you’ll have small missions, based on interaction in real-life situations, to later be discussed in class.

Your typical day at the Intensive Portuguese Course

Let’s know each other! Learn how to present yourself.

Have our special blend of fresh coffee and treat yourself with a “nata”.

In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals to talk about yourself.

Discover one of the Portuguese most loved traditions: lunch-time!

Join for a wine tasting, a surf lesson, a cooking-class, a cultural trip, etc. Choose from one of our amazing experiences.

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