From complete beginners (A1) to mastery (C1)

On the go

You travel a lot but want to keep in touch with Portuguese? You don’t live in Portugal, but want to move in, so you want to come prepared? Or maybe you just have a busy life and want to have a flexible schedule for your Portuguese classes?

Fun, Friends and Learn

Practice, dive into the daily life and use of the language, learn about the culture and don't forget to make friends along the way!

European Framework

A program designed according to the international standard Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Teaching Staff

Highly qualified native teachers.

Interactive classes

Dynamic, highly interactive classes, complemented by digital tools like podcasts and visual material, online content, games, music, etc, for in-class practice but also for independent study.

Experiential Learning

At Nomad Language School, you’ll have small missions, based on interaction in real-life situations, to later be discussed in class.

Creative Teaching Spaces

Your class-room is designed to boost your learning and creativity.


Your next room will be in the heart of Lisbon, where people from all over the world come to seek the portuguese haven.

Learn Portuguese

Join the most Portuguese Bootcamp in the world.

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